Koneen Säätiö project: Logi

Logi – The Ontological Politics of Sámi Cultural Heritage

In this project combining academic research, visual arts, duodji/crafting tradition and activism, spoken word art, lyrics and rap-music in a new and innovative ways we ponder the Sámi realities and futures: how they can be produced and lived? What kind of, for instance, can political duodji or storytelling be, that is at the same time traditional and challenging traditions? Based on the Sámi traditions and combining artistic and scientific methods we develop in this project different ways to define, interpret, create and perform cultural heritage and its multiplicity and possible incoherence. In other words, its different political ontologies. In the project, we carry out several artistic entities, among others; multisensous installation, a short film and a rap-album in Northern and Inari Sámi.


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